About Us

At Inner West Paediatrics, we believe that every child should feel confident to participate in a range of everyday activities successfully. Our dedicated team of occupational therapists and speech pathologists work collaboratively to facilitate positive outcomes for children and families as our primary focus.

What We Do

We provide specialist assessment, innovative therapy and expert advice to equip and support every child and family we work with. We tailor every session to meet the specific needs of your child, and we will work with you to set achievable goals to facilitate change that is meaningful and significant.

Specialist Assessment

If your child needs a formal assessment, our team will be able to talk you through the most appropriate way forward and provide reports to assist with diagnosis or funding for school.

Innovative Therapy

Our therapy approach is fluid, flexible and fun – and is tailored specifically to each child, their family and their individual concerns.

Expert Advice

We can provide the most up to date and evidence-based advice, and support you to implement strategies into your busy daily life so that it does not feel like homework.

What We Believe

Within our safe, fun and encouraging environment, we help children and families to explore new strategies, which they can implement at home and in the broader community.
We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, therefore we are committed to ongoing connection and clear communication with families, other professionals and educational settings involved with your child.

Why Inner West Paediatrics

We pride ourselves on providing a warm, friendly and fun environment for children and their families. We will work collaboratively with you and your family as well as other people working with your child to ensure that the best outcomes can be achieved through jointly focussed goals. You will leave sessions feeling confident and armed with strategies to try at home, and most importantly your child with leave having had lots of fun!



Get in touch and we can talk about your concerns. We’ll give you some advice over the phone and organise a time for you to come in and meet a suitable therapist to work with you and your family.


Our clinic is warm and friendly, and has lots of space to play! We’ll organise some toys, have a chat with you about your concerns and spend some time playing with your child. We’ll take our time, and it will be relaxed and fun. You won’t feel like you’re in a therapy session, nor will your child.


After we’ve met, we’ll be able to make some recommendations on how to move forward to best address your concerns. If we do need to see you again, we’ll work with you to find a suitable and regular time. We are always happy to be flexible when your needs change!

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, would like to know more about us, or want to discuss your child please call or email, and we will be in touch.